Little Cabinet with Blue Floral Back

Hello Friends,

Little by little I’m waking up from my hibernation. This winter I stayed out of my freezing garage and took the opportunity to learn and practice some watercolors and acrylics in the warmth of my home. This little cabinet I will show you in this post marks the unexpected early return to my furniture projects, which happened for a very exciting reason.

A few weeks ago a friend contacted me with the irresistible invitation to get a spot in the 2019 Lucketts Spring Market, one of the most popular events on the East Coast, with over 200 vendors of everything vintage. For years, when was still living in Connecticut, I remember following all the furniture artists I admired talking about and preparing for the event and I was determined to one day drive over 300 miles just to visit it. Fast forward to 2017 and my family moved to Northern Virginia! Now not only I will visit it, but I will be one of the lucky vendors! (Be careful what you wish for.)

Let’s talk about my first victim. When my twin sister spent a few weeks with us last fall, we went to Goodwill to look for some thrifty treasures and she immediately spotted this  cutie. I don’t like pieces with mirrors, and I wasn’t planning to buy anything but she wouldn’t let me leave the store without it. I trust my sister’s taste 100% so if she said I had to get it, I had to.


For the whole winter, this piece sat in my dining room and every time I looked at it, I had a different vision for it. When it was time to actually do it , this is was what I came up with.

Blue Flowers Cabinet-1-1

I am in love with this cabinet! As you can see, I got rid of the back mirror and replaced it with this stunning wallpaper. The rest of the finish came easily, as I was inspired by the gorgeous blue floral pattern.

I didn’t make a video of the process, because this is the exact same technique I used on this cedar chest, remember? Here is the video with the technique I used on this white and blue cabinet.

Removing the back mirror was not so hard. I loosened up some screws on the back of the cabinet and the mirror slid right out.

I bought a thin wood board at Home Depot, where a sales person kindly cut it to the size I needed. The beautiful wallpaper is from an awesome Etsy Shop called Spoonflower. I glued the wall paper to the wood and voilà! OUT ugly mirror, IN gorgeous blue flowers!


Blue Flowers Cabinet-1-2

Here is what I used for the makeover (this list contains a few affiliate links*):

Blue Flowers Cabinet-1-3

I painted the original door pulls with Modern Masters Silver, same paint I used in the top area of my ombré.

Blue Flowers Cabinet-1-4This wallpaper is seriously gorgeous, am I right? And it is super easy to apply to any surface.

Blue Flowers Cabinet-1-5


Blue Flowers Cabinet-1-6


Blue Flowers Cabinet-1-7



Let me know what you think of this project!

Thanks for reading.


*When you purchase an item via my affiliate link, I receive a small commission from Amazon. There is no additional cost to you.

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It all started in the spring of 2013. I realized how tired I was to see my house entirely decorated with IKEA stuff. Nothing against IKEA, but after 12 years, I just needed some change. I wanted stylish, original furniture, but noticed that everything I liked from retail stores was way out of my budget. Thanks to Google, Youtube, and a couple of amazing blogs, I was able to discover and explore the world of furniture refinishing, and it was the beginning of my addiction. I now spend my days rescuing old, dull, unwanted pieces of furniture to give them a fresh look so they can be displayed, used and loved again for many more years to come. Thanks for stopping by.

23 thoughts on “Little Cabinet with Blue Floral Back

  1. You’re always able to take a pretty piece and make it extraordinary or take a boring piece and make it stunning. You’ve done it again. This is now a gorgeous, unique piece that anyone would be proud to call their own. Congratulations on Luckett’s! I’m excited for you and know you’re going to be a huge success!


  2. Pat you know I say this every time I see one of your projects, but this one is the best one of them all! Truly a masterpiece. It may just be that I have a soft spot for blues, but even if it wasn’t blue I would still feel the same way. So many details, so much going on here in a fresh way that I have never seen before. Whoever gets this is one lucky person!!


  3. What a beautiful transformation you have made. I have a couple of questions about the process. What kind of glue did you use to affix the wallpaper to the wood backing? Was the wallpaper the pre-pasted kind? Thanks.


  4. Thank you for sharing the process you went through, and the tools you used. It’s also so helpful for people like me who really want try painting furniture but are terrified to do so! Visiting from Silver Pennies link party.


  5. Wow! This piece is stunning! Good thing you listened to your sister. It’s a great makeover. Found you through HomeTalk but I’m a new follower.


  6. Pat, your cabinet is absolutely gorgeous! The pretty blue faded ombre is lovely and the floral papered back compliments it so beautifully. Quite a show stopper and I have no doubt that within minutes of the Lucketts Market opening this cabinet will be sold.


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