On our Move and a Buffet Makeover

It is been several weeks since my last post, and I’ll tell you why. This last month my life has been hectic for personal reasons. Our family just moved from Connecticut to Northern Virginia. Last March my husband started a new job in a company based in Washington D.C., so we relocated to this area. Since I got married 15 years ago we’ve moved several times (5 different cities/towns, 3 different countries), and we always loved the idea of starting a “new life” in a new place. And each place was special. Some of our dearest friends live in different parts of the world and thanks to the Internet we manage to keep in touch with them. We even have some reunions in rare occasions and they are pure joy! This time, however, it felt like we were finally settling down. We lived for five years in a beautiful town in CT, with a wonderful community where we met lovely people, our kids made their first good friends, and I started my own furniture refinishing business. We knew this move was the right thing to do but it was sad to leave behind the place we thought would be our home for many more years.

I am still a little nostalgic, but at the same time excited. I’m sure I will find wonderful places to go, things to do, and people to meet here in Virginia. One thing our nomadic life taught me was to appreciate the good things each place has to offer. There is no such thing as the perfect place. My family is my perfect place. I am happy as long as have my three men and five pets around 🙂

Now let’s talk about furniture. I refinished this buffet for a lady who had seen this desk I painted in metallic colors using layering technique. She wanted hers to have the same kind of finish, but instead of metallic, she chose different shades of beiges and browns to match her home’s neutral decor.


Here is how I refinished this beauty:

  1. Fixed little scratches with wood filler
  2. Wiped deglosser on the entire piece (the wood was in perfect condition, so no need to sand)
  3. Removed deglosser completely with TSP diluted in water
  4. Primed entire piece with Rustoleum Primer spray, white
  5. Spray painted one coat of Benjamin Moore Secluded Beach (light beige)
  6. Applied layers of a medium taupe paint using a chip brush. I added water to the paint to allow  more time to work on long, linear strokes
  7. Applied layers of dark brown paint with a chip brush, also watering the paint so it would blend with the other color.
  8. In the areas that were too dark I went back with the medium taupe, and in the areas that were too light, I applied more of the dark brown until the whole piece had the right balance of colors. Adding water helped a lot to extend the time to work on areas I felt needed some change
  9. Painted raised trim with Modern Masters metallic paint, Champagne
  10. Sprayed 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic Satin for protection.

And now.. pictures. Let me know what you think!

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 1

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 9

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 8

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 7

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 6

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 5

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 4

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 3

The Wood Spa - Painted Buffet 2

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It all started in the spring of 2013. I realized how tired I was to see my house entirely decorated with IKEA stuff. Nothing against IKEA, but after 12 years, I just needed some change. I wanted stylish, original furniture, but noticed that everything I liked from retail stores was way out of my budget. Thanks to Google, Youtube, and a couple of amazing blogs, I was able to discover and explore the world of furniture refinishing, and it was the beginning of my addiction. I now spend my days rescuing old, dull, unwanted pieces of furniture to give them a fresh look so they can be displayed, used and loved again for many more years to come. Thanks for stopping by.

16 thoughts on “On our Move and a Buffet Makeover

  1. LOVE how it turned out, wish I could do this…A couple of questions, from the picture, it appears to have a bluish hue, is this just the picture? Also, if I use deglosser, is TSP the preferred cleaning solution or can I use Murphy’s Soap?

    1. Thanks Beatriz! I haven’t used any blue in this piece, however the dark brown had a hint of blue in it and when diluted in water it showed a little. I never tried to clean the deglosser with Murphy soap. It will probably work as well. My suggestion is that you try it in a inconspicuous area of your piece first. Deglosser-Murphy Soap-Primer-Paint. If the paint won’t come off easily after 24 hours, you’re good to go.
      Good luck!

      1. It really is a stunner! And the staging is the cherry on top! Well girl here’s a bit of cheer for ya… Your project is being featured tonight at Unique Junktique, and this week Daddy Vans is sponsoring a giveaway at Fridays Furniture Fix, hopefully this will generate lots of traffic to your site this weekend! Have a great one!

  2. I love every single piece of furniture you do and this one is no exception. The depth it has because all the layering and the shine makes it amazing.
    Thank you for sharing it with us at Sweet Inspiration, have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Pat congratulations on your move. I also want to move. We have a home in New York near Westchester but I want to move up to Connecticut. Haha! I have always loved Virginia too. You’ll have to give me advice. Now about your beautiful buffet. The layers and colors on this beauty is astounding. It is so opulent I can stare at it all day. Pinning because it is so special! And I will pm you so you can give me advice about Connecticut. 🙂

    1. You’re always so kind Mary! Thanks for your sweet words.
      You can email (patricia@thewoodspa.com) or PM me at any time! I will be happy to answer any questions. Are you considering leaving Greece? Oh, that must be a tough decision to make.

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