Little Side Table in a Metallic Color

2016 was the year I took the leap and started painting almost 100% of my pieces using a paint sprayer. It has been a life changer for me! I get the job done faster and with incredibly smooth finishes. However, for some projects such as this pretty side table, I prefer to leave my spray resting in its shelf and go back to my origins.


My customer wanted a silver-ish gold for this cutie, so I made her some samples using custom made colors from Modern Masters Warm Silver and Modern Masters Silver, and she chose this one.


I achieved this shade by mixing 3 parts of warm silver and 1 part of silver. Then I did a silver wash (silver diluted in water) over the base color.

I used a sponge roller for the large areas and a Purdy paintbrush for the edges and details. After it was dry, I brushed the silver-water mix using a Purdy brush and wiped it off using baby wipes, in linear movements.

I think this was one of the cutest projects I did last year, and it felt sooo good to play with my rollers and brushes again, after so many months of the loud noise and messy wires of my paint sprayer. So, I took my time on this one. There can be no rush when this mama is having her therapeutic break.

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It all started in the spring of 2013. I realized how tired I was to see my house entirely decorated with IKEA stuff. Nothing against IKEA, but after 12 years, I just needed some change. I wanted stylish, original furniture, but noticed that everything I liked from retail stores was way out of my budget. Thanks to Google, Youtube, and a couple of amazing blogs, I was able to discover and explore the world of furniture refinishing, and it was the beginning of my addiction. I now spend my days rescuing old, dull, unwanted pieces of furniture to give them a fresh look so they can be displayed, used and loved again for many more years to come. Thanks for stopping by.

16 thoughts on “Little Side Table in a Metallic Color

  1. Pat,
    The table is beautiful. I have been looking for this exact color to paint my pine bedroom furniture. Will we have to strip the orange pine color before we use the paint you used? This will be the first time we paint furniture. I have been reading your blog for a while and love what you do withe pieces of furniture.

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    1. Thanks Sharon! No, no need to strip the previous finish. Just light sand it (120 then 220 grit), clean it well and prime it. I use Rustoleum Primer spray, but you can use another one if you are not comfortable with spray. Then go for the metallics! Good luck and thanks a lot for following my blog!


  2. Patricia,
    That is beautiful! Your creations are always a treat that I look forward to seeing. Thank you sooooo much for taking the extra time to explain the process you go through to transform all of your work.
    I have a French Proventional piece just waiting for that exact color..

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    1. This little table is amazing. Love this color. You have such an artistic eye and talent to make it happen. Getting inspired and almost ready to try my hand! Thanks so much for encouraging all of us to learn and try out our own visions! Was happy to read I would not need to strip – hate that part. I have furniture from my mother’s estate. She was an interior designer back in the 60’s/70’s. There are 2 pieces of interest: a small bookcase with doors with wire criss-cross inserts and a coffee/tea table that has X shaped leg base that allows the base to be reversed to increase/decrease the height of the long tray top. They are some kind of faux bamboo sprayed finish so can’t decide guite yet what to do with them colorwise. Waiting for you to inspire me! My own style is mix it up because I paint in oils/acrylics and am not afraid to be a little off beat . . . which is why your style is so appealing to me.

      Keep on having fun and sharing!


      1. Thank you! It so rewarding to hear that I’m inspiring someone. Especially an artist like you!
        I’m always looking for inspiration myself and Pinterest is my best source. Take a look at one of my Pinterest boards “ideas and inspiration (furniture makeovers)” . I just wanted to live enough to do everything I’ve saved there. You may find something there that would be perfect for your pieces.
        Thanks again for following my blog and my work!


  3. Pat that is such a unique color. The best of both gold and silver and it is so warm. But the highlight has to be when you added the white wash on top. It creates a translucent effect that makes the furniture look otherworldly, in a good way of course. Who wouldn’t want to have this piece in their home? A beautiful warm metallic.


  4. Beautiful! Just what I need to update a vintage table with crushed abalone shell top. My follow through is poor however, I’d love you to paint it for me.


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