An Aqua Blue Set for a Little Girl

I don’t have a daughter, only two sons, so I miss out on the delicious experience that is to shop for little girls. Of course I enjoy the fun stuff I find for my boys, but there seems to be so many more options of colors, styles, and themes in the feminine world! Maybe this is just my impression,  or maybe it’s only my kids that don’t like any variety. Give them something blue, green or red and throw one super hero or two, and you have two happy little men.

This project was a fun trip to the little girls world. I found this desk and chair for a ridiculous price at a local tag sale and just couldn’t pass it, even knowing I wouldn’t be able to touch it in a long time. About a year later, it was finally time to tackle it!


My inspiration came from this picture I saw on Instagram by Susan @sawnailandpaint  (Click on picture to go to her IG post). I am a big fan of her work! I love the contrast between the two shades of pink. It’s delicate and striking at the same time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 5.36.29 PM

My color choice was aqua blue/turquoise as I’ve always been a blue kinda girl, even as a kid. I just listed this set, so I hope it won’t take long until another blue kinda girl wants to have this set in her bedroom (Update. It sold after a couple of weeks).

Oh, and I added an adorable mirror I had bought with the intention of using for staging but ended up never touching. I think it looks perfect with this set.

And here is how I did it.

Supplies and Tools (this post contains a few affiliate links).

The first and most time consuming part was stripping all previous paint. Some times I can just light sand the previous finish to make it smoother, but this one was a terrible job, and there would be no way to hide it. So I spent an entire afternoon stripping, cleaning and sanding the entire thing.

Second I primed the entire piece with oil-based primer, which was a life saver since this wood was bleeding like crazy.

Next I painted the inside of the drawers and chair with the darker shade of blue (Ben Moore Cool Aqua) using my paint sprayer. Two coats.

Then I taped some plastic over the painted areas of the drawers spray painted the front of the drawers in white.

Finally I spray painted the rest of the desk in the medium tone of aqua.

I also replaced all knobs for some cute ones I found on Etsy.

I painted the frame and butterflies of the mirror using different sizes of paint brushes.

To finish, I sprayed three coats of sealer  on all pieces.

I love the way it turned out.

Let me know what you think!









It was A LOT of work removing the previous paint. No light sanding here. It was stripping and sanding all the way down!




Colors I used were Cool Aqua, Icy Moon Drops and Super White. All by Benjamin Moore.

Thanks for reading!









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10 thoughts on “An Aqua Blue Set for a Little Girl

  1. like what you did to the desk, working on one now and I feel good with putting on the colors that I picked after seeing what you did. I’m using chalk paint in a grey and turquoise to match a chain in the loft that has the same colors in it. Your work is great.

  2. What difference! The first thing I noticed were those horribly over-sized drawer pulls. OMG! I love the desk’s new look.

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