Black French Provincial

Ah, the French Provincial… I was missing them. Last year I painted at least a dozen of them, and was starting to suspect my area was running out of that style because it’s been a while since no one brings me one.

Last week a new customer brought me this cutie. Her boss was cleaning up her house and getting rid of old pieces, so she scored this gem for free! This is good stuff. Every single bit of it is solid wood. It is the dream dresser! Sturdy, well built, and the drawers slide like new.

Her choice of color was black with silver pulls, so I knew exactly what paint I was going to use. If you saw my post on the Tuxedo Hutch, where I rant about the problems I had trying to seal regular black latex paint, you must remember my great discovery: Valspar Furniture Paint.

Again, I used my paint sprayer (this paint doesn’t behave so well with a roller or paintbrush) and after it was ready I was, once again, absolutely in love with the paint. Just look at the pictures and see it for yourself. Isn’t this one of the smoothest finish you’ve seen lately?

How I did it:

  • Light sanded the entire piece and used wood filler to fix dents and scratches.
  • Cleaned with TSP diluted in water
  • Primed with Rustoleum Primer Spray, black
  • Sprayed 4 coats of Valspar Furniture Paint “New Black” using my Homeright paint sprayer ( I add a bit of water to lightly thin the paint)
  • Spray painted pulls with Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish.








Have you tried that paint? Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!



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It all started in the spring of 2013. I realized how tired I was to see my house entirely decorated with IKEA stuff. Nothing against IKEA, but after 12 years, I just needed some change. I wanted stylish, original furniture, but noticed that everything I liked from retail stores was way out of my budget. Thanks to Google, Youtube, and a couple of amazing blogs, I was able to discover and explore the world of furniture refinishing, and it was the beginning of my addiction. I now spend my days rescuing old, dull, unwanted pieces of furniture to give them a fresh look so they can be displayed, used and loved again for many more years to come. Thanks for stopping by.

25 thoughts on “Black French Provincial

  1. Oh Patricia! This little gem turned out absolutely dreamy! It’s so classy and rich with the silver pulls! Great choices! Beautifully done!
    I hope you have a great week!

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  2. Hi Patricia! What a lovely piece. Valspar is headquartered right here in Minneapolis, so you would think that I had tried their new chalky finish paint, but I haven’t. You’ve inspired me to look into it further!


    1. Thanks Linda! I never tried their chalky paint either, but I am a fan of their products. I learned that they were bought by Sherwin Williams, so we should expect changes 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  3. Beautiful, beautiful piece. I am always so inspired by the finishes you get with the Valspar product. I absolutely must give it a try. Thanks so much for linking to Friday’s Furniture Fix. We appreciate your sharing with us. Susie from The Chelsea Project


  4. Love the finish of the paint, it is smooth indeed. I haven’t had too much luck when painting with my spray gun, I think I must keep practicing because love how it looks when it’s done.

    Thanks for sharing with us at Sweet Inspiration party, enjoy the rest of the week!


  5. I have been reading a few of your posts and you typically prime with spray paint primer even though you have a sprayer – is there a reason for this? Have you tried other primers? I have almost always used a latex based primer, mostly because it has done what I need it to do and it never occurred to me to use spray paint (unless it’s glass or metal, then yes I use spray paint primer). I am completely obsessed with the finish a sprayer achieves, its dreamy and so very perfect.


    1. Hi Trista,

      Yes, there is a reason. I don’t know if you ever had a problem with bleeding, but I did, more than once, and it is very frustrating 😦 Anything water-based you apply over a bleeding surface will only worsen the problem. The only way to prevent bleeding is by using an oil-based primer. I heard shellac works well too. I could apply oil-based primer with my sprayer but I hate the cleaning part of it, so my go to is Rustoleum Primer Spray. One can at Home-Depot costs less than $4 and I use 2 or 3 cans per project. To me it is worth every cent!
      I agree with you about the sprayer finish. Once you try it, there is no way back 🙂


      1. When I was looking on Amazon at the Homeright sprayer they recommended the filters and cleaner to clean the sprayer and the filters to keep down problems when spraying. Do you just rinse the sprayer when done with a Project?


  6. Thank you for sharing. I love the Black French Provincial Dresser. I inherited an antique white (blond) with gold inset, French provincial dining set from a relative some time back. My uncle smoked and the set is in desperate need of a refinish. I’ve put it off because I didn’t know what kind of paint to use. Have you tried refinishing French Provincial in antique white or other colors. I wonder if black would be too dark on the whole set which includes a hutch, tea cart, buffet, dining set. To me, my set is a bit intimidating to do. Again thanks for sharing this fabulous project.


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