The Wood Spa by Pat Rios

My latest big project- a media center

Hi again,

It’s been a long time since my last post. I admire you bloggers who have the discipline to post regularly, with your gorgeous pictures, detailed information on your projects and your funny and sweet personal stories. You’re always showing up, touching base, sharing and inspiring us readers. I appreciate all that, and secretly hope one day I can become part of your tribe, but for now, my only ambition is to show up as often as possible.
I live in Connecticut, and those from this part of the country know how hard it is to keep up working at a good pace during our freezing winters. This year, however, temperatures have been unbeliveably mild so I’ve been able to finish and deliver quite a few projects in the last weeks.

With so much work done, I’m realizing I won’t be able to blog about each one of my projects. It’s just not doable at this point. I do share every single piece I refinish on my Facebook and Instagram pages, so at least I keep everything registered somewhere. I decided I will reserve the blog for the most popular ones, such as this media center I recently finished for one of my most loyal customers. We both were very happy to see how nicely these random pieces came together to make a media center. When you see the before picture it is hard to imagine that this might work, but with the magic of color, you can pull that off! The inspiration came from a similar project we saw on Pinterest.

Cute, isn’t it? Color is Behr Taupe mist. Finished with dark brown glaze. All pulls were spray painted with Rustoleum rubbed bronze.
For the tall bookcases, I used my dear paint sprayer, which saved me at least a couple of hours of work for sure.


Let me know what you think.
I hope soon I will have another piece worthy of a blog post.