Sunshine Cabinet


My neighbor had this little cabinet stored in her garage for a long time. It has been in her family for many years and she just couldn’t part with it. However, as you can see from the “before” picture, it was no longer in usable condition. Finally one day as we walked our dogs, she told me she was […]

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Oversized Bedroom Set – New Black


Large orders like this always make me a little nervous. This customer wanted me to repaint an enormous king size bed, a huge dresser and two oversized nightstands. They were super high-quality pieces by Lexington, over 20 years old. I usually do pick-ups and deliveries in my own town, but these pieces were so big, she had […]

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Little Side Table in a Metallic Color


2016 was the year I took the leap and started painting almost 100% of my pieces using a paint sprayer. It has been a life changer for me! I get the job done faster and with incredibly smooth finishes. However, for some projects such as this pretty side table, I prefer to leave my spray resting in its […]

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Peach & Blue Armoire for a Girl’s Room


This is a short post just to show you this pretty armoire I painted a couple of months ago. My customer is moving to a new house and decided to add some colors to her little girl’s room. The choice was peach with bird’s egg blue on the inside. This is how it looked before. […]

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Mid Century Modern Makeover – Navy and Gold


Tired of navy blue yet? I can’t get enough of it so apologies, but here goes another one. This stunning piece was for sale at a thrift shop in a neighbor town. I can’t resist  MCMs, and this dresser was no exception. It was one of the pieces I refinished for the same shop that was selling my […]

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A Pewter Dresser with Cool Pulls


This is another project I was looking forward to sharing with you on the blog. I was recently contacted by a shop owner in a neighbor town, who asked if I would be interested in selling some of my pieces in their recently opened shop. They sell all kinds of articles made by local artists, from clothes and shoes, […]

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Giving an antique look with dark wax


Here is my new post for Grillo Designs website! It includes several tips and a video where I show you how to apply dark wax on your painted furniture. If you are just starting in the world of painted furniture, you’ll be happy to know that with this super simple technique you can achieve the most beautiful transformations! […]

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