How I repair damaged veneer

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This month my post for Grillo Designs website is about fixing damaged veneer. I secretly like that this is a fairly common problem in old pieces, because it is also the reason many people dispose their wonderful gems, so furniture painters like me can snap them up and do our magic. As you will see in the post, fixing […]

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Homemade chalk-like paint – How To

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Whether painting furniture is a hobby or a business for you, you’ve probably heard about homemade chalk paint. When I found out that making my own chalk paint was an option, I was very intrigued and interested in trying it. So I did… and I liked it! In this post I wrote for Grillo Designs website you […]

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A desk makeover with Modern Masters Metal Effects (with video tutorial)


My first experience with metallic paint was over a year ago when a customer asked me to paint her nightstands in silver. I confess I was shocked to hear that someone actually wanted a piece of furniture painted in a metallic color! After doing some research, I found out that many people had been doing amazing furniture projects with metallic colors for a […]

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Gold sofa table – with video tutorial


Since last year I’ve had a few adventures with metallic paint, and I must admit, at the beginning I thought metallic just didn’t go with wood, but after finishing a few projects I learned to love it. This table was the turning point for me. Have I mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of gold? I think so. It can […]

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An Aqua Blue Set for a Little Girl


I don’t have a daughter, only two sons, so I miss out on the delicious experience that is to shop for little girls. Of course I enjoy the fun stuff I find for my boys, but there seems to be so many more options of colors, styles, and themes in the feminine world! Maybe this is just my impression,  or maybe it’s […]

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Blue & Bling – A chest of drawers with nailhead trim


This month I had a few quiet days, with not many orders to finish, so I finally had time to work on a project I’ve been planning to do for over a year. You have probably seen refinished dressers ornate with nailhead trim, right? Well, since the first time I saw one I became obsessed about it and […]

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Black French Provincial


Ah, the French Provincial… I was missing them. Last year I painted at least a dozen of them, and was starting to suspect my area was running out of that style because it’s been a while since no one brings me one. Last week a new customer brought me this cutie. Her boss was cleaning up her house and […]

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